samedi 22 octobre 2016

Traces d'été

Après ce bel été indien, difficile de regarder vers Noël... Le soleil me fait encore penser au bleu éclatant du ciel d'été, et à cette mouette juchée sur un réverbère:
After this lovely Indian Summer, it's hard to look towards Christmas... The sun still reminds me the bright blue sky, and this seagull on the top of a streetlight:

 Il y a de la pâte texture...
There is texture paste...
 dans laquelle sont pris gaze, 
in which are caught gauze, 

 perles, twine et coquillages,
beads, twine and shells,
 tandis qu'une ancre rouillée s'est égarée là...
while a rusted anchor got lost there...

J'inscris cette page au challenge de Mixed Media Place: "Paint the sky".

Bon week-end!

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  1. Hi Lys, this project is absolutely beautiful! I love the rusty anchor!!

    I am trying to find your email address, but failing that I am now contacting you like this. This morning Paloma arrived with me in a big parcel full of wonderful gifts from Shirley. But I could not find any indication as to where Paloma should go next. I emailed Shirley, to thank her fist of all and then to ask where she should go for her onward journey. She told me that in the envelope there should have been a little blue book with a list of where to send her next. But, there was no little blue book in the envelope. I turned everything she sent over again and again, but no list to be found. I have emailed her again to ask whether perhaps she forgot to put it in, but then I though I would also ask you as I hope you have a full list.

    Sorry to contact you like this. My email is
    xxxx Astrid

  2. Lovely work!!! Thank you for joining us at MMP at this creative gym!!

  3. Lovely work!!! Thank you for joining us at MMP at this creative gym!!

  4. A beautiful summery feel to this, Lys - so light and airy - and yes, the skies are blue and the sun is warm here in Columbus, Ohio too at the moment. It's hard to remember it's nearly the end of October!
    Alison x

  5. superbe création merci de ta participation au défi mixed media place

  6. Love its simplicity! Thank you for playing along with Mixed media Place!xxSylwia

  7. Love those blues! Thank you for participating in the Mixed Media Place challenge!


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