vendredi 8 avril 2016

Âme nomade, suite

Comme promis voici plus en détails les tags de mon manège bohême:
As promised here are the tags of my gypsy carousel:
Un paysage mystérieux,  qu'on peut peut-être mieux voir à travers le monocle...
A mysterious landscape, perhaps best seen through the monocle...

Une dame et son charme...
A lady and her charm...

Un petit billet froissé (issu d'une expérience avec le Tyvek...)
A little crumpled message (from an experimentation with Tyvek...)

 Le soleil et la fortune...
Sun and Fortune...

Enfin la dentelle et les fleurs...
At last lace and flowers...

 Voilà toutes les facettes de mon âme nomade, tournant au gré du manège.
These are the sides of my gypsy soul, turning with the carousel.
A bientôt!

11 commentaires:

  1. It's a really stunning creation, Lys - and so wonderful to see the tags close up. A complete delight!
    Alison x

  2. Fabulous Lys - every little thing is done to perfection. I loved every tag. You are so very talented!!
    sandy xx

  3. Amazing, Lys! Did you make that carousel??? It's wonderful and so are each and every one of your tags! Love your little experiment with Tyvek! May I ask where you got the Tyvek from? Have a lovely weekend! Hugs!

    1. Tyvek is the fabric used to make kites, and it crumples when heat. Difficult to master so interesting to see where it leads...

  4. Wonderful project and so inspirational.
    Julie x

  5. merci pour les détails .
    dis moi le tyvek cela semble sympa à travailler en scrap !

  6. So very charming!! I absolutely adore this!
    Jackie ")

  7. Lys, this is outstanding and delicious! So many wonderful details in each and every piece! Wowzers and awesome sauce! Your tyvek experiment looks like such fun! Fantabulous! ~Niki

  8. Wow Lys, what an amazing project! I love all the details you put into every panel! WOW!! hugs :)

  9. J'en reste bouche bée !! c'est génial et les détails sont si précis et raffinés... Bravo !

  10. Fantastic tags - I love each one! Fabulous details, and again, I am transported to the gypsy world! Stunning! xxx Lynn


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