mardi 8 mars 2016

Etre une femme, ou ...

... parce que nous le savons bien...
Being a woman, or... because we know it...

8 mars... triste jour, n'est-ce-pas? Qu'il faille un jour de l'année pour rappeler que les femmes ont des droits (merci Clara) ne me réjouit pas.
March, 8th... sad day, isn't it?  Needing a day in the year to remind that women have rights (thanks, Clara) doesn't make me happy.
Si le terme "homicide" définit le fait de donner la mort à un autre être humain, quel que soit son genre, Le Mexique a dû inscrire dans sa loi le terme "féminicide", tant le meurtre de femmes - parce que ce sont des femmes - est pluri-quotidien dans ce pays.
If the term "homicide" is the fact to kill a human being, no matter the gender, Mexico had to write in their law the term "feminicide", while so many women are murdered - for being women - each day in this country.

Alors j'ai la chance d'être française!
Pourtant, en France, ces cinq dernières années, la tutelle des droits des femmes est passée d'un ministère à part entière, à un secrétariat d'état, pour finir reléguée au "Ministère de la famille et de l'enfance" (sic!)... A côté du nouveau "Secrétariat d'état à l'égalité réelle" (?), ce pourrait être risible si l'on n'y voyait pas l'insidieux sexisme qui court toujours...
So I'm lucky to be French!
Although in France, these five late years, the administrative supervision of women rights went from a plain ministry to a "state secretariat", then ending inside the "Ministry of family and childhood" (sic!)... Beside the new "State secretariat of real equality" (?), this could be laughable if one could'nt  see the insidious sexism going around...

Alors oui, voici un petit billet amer (mais une fois n'est pas coutume!), que je vais tenter d'adoucir avec un tableau qui rend hommage aux femmes:
So yes, this is a little bitter post (but just this once!), I'm going to try softening with a painting which pays tribute to women:

Quelques détails:

 Le fond est fait de différents encres et pigments...
On the background, different inks and pigments...

 Il y a des tampons...
 et des pochoirs
and stencils

Le texte est très élogieux, je vous l'accorde...
The text* is very full of praise, I admit...
mais vous pouvez voir qu'une fois transféré, il montre quelques fêlures: il fallait bien quelques imperfections!
but you can see that once transferred, it becomes ripped: there had to be imperfections!
* I am
always shining
and not naive
pretty curious
always ready
and also magician
I am
a woman
Je suis partie d'une boîte à pizza...que j'ai couverte de Gesso (noir, puis blanc). J'ai vaporisé de l'eau et saupoudré quelques Brushos.
I started with a pizza box... that I covered with Gesso, black then white. I sprayed water and spread some Brushos.

Ensuite j'ai appliqué  pochoirs  et tampons.

J'ai eu toutes les peines du monde à stabiliser le fond avant de transférer l'image et le texte (les couleurs partaient avec le gel médium!).
I had much trouble to stabilize the background before transfering the picture and the text (colours were leaving with the medium gel!)
 J'ai imprimé le visage de la femme, puis le texte, inversés, et les ai transférés au gel;  une fois secs, j'ai vaporisé de l'eau et frotté le papier. 
(Ce texte est issu d'un autocollant mural vendu chez
I printed the woman face and the text, reversed, then transferred them with the gel and once dry, sprayed water and rubbed the paper. (This text is from a wall sticker sold on 

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A bientôt!

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  1. merci pour ce billet, faut bien dire ce qui est même si on aimerait que cela soit mieux bien sur.
    joli hommage et merci pour le tuto.

  2. Bravo, Lys! It is horrendous how we are still fighting to secure basic rights for women in most Western societies....this is Women's History Month in the US, and while I am glad we celebrate past accomplishments (mostly from one or two centuries ago), I am sad that we do not generally use this opportunity to advance what many modern women need: education, equality in pay, voluntary access to birth control, and the ability to say "no" and mean it in a variety of circumstances. Thank you for your beautiful work and very thought-provoking post! xxx Lynn

  3. Brilliant, I have often found myself in recent months reflecting on how the fight for equal rights and woman's right was hard fought and is still going on. You tribute is lovely, so much thought and love went into this project, it is also very educational. Thank you for making this and for sharing it with us at Twofers. XOXO Zoe

  4. Lys, your heartfelt tribute to women is quite simply stunning, the colours are beautiful and the sentiment is wonderful! I do agree with what you say, I just hope in my heart that future generations of women will find their rightful place in society.

    Thanks so much for joining in our Crazy for Colour Challenge at Anything But Cute. Hugs, Anne xx

    PS, Just wanted you to know that Paloma has arrived safely in England and will soon be off on her travels again! xxx

  5. Such a sound tribute to women and very heartft design. I think your transfer technique worked wonderfully and the eyes are captivating. Awesome sauce quote as well and the colors are lovely together. Fantabulous!

    Thanks for joining in our "Crazy for Colour" challenge at Anything But Cute! Hugz. ~Niki DT

  6. Lys, as always a lovely piece of artwork and a thoughtful post. I love the quote and your background is exceptional! I see those brush strokes and those lovely dots back there and that just tickles me pink! Love all the visual texture backing up those beautifully executed transfers--something that frustrates me when I try it.

    Thank you for entering this into our Crazy for Color challenge at Anything But Cute. Big hugs to you! Sara Emily DT

  7. . thank you Lys for creating such a beautiful piece of art to convey this powerful message for all women, and Thankyou for sharing it with us over at Stamps and Stencils. Toni x

  8. This is a great way to bring women's suffrage to our attention and gives us all plenty to think about. Thank you for sharing your work with all of us at Crafty Boots Challenges.


  9. What a fantastic piece of artwork with such a powerful message for all women! Love it!
    Thank you so much for joining in our Crazy For Colour challenge at Anything But Cute! Hugs! Branka DT x

  10. Beautiful, a great piece of upcycling and a powerful tribute to International Womens day. Thank you for sharing with us at Twofers

  11. Thank you for joining Crazy For Colors challenge at Anything But Cute!
    Samra DT
    Paper Talk with Samra

  12. Fabulous creation, Lys! XOXO-Shari

  13. What a beautiful creation! Using recycled material is just another plus. This is stunning! Thank you for sharing this with us at TWOFERS ~ Christi DT

  14. Lys, this is brilliant and what a great tribute on NWD! Then to see that it is an altered pizza box, my jaw hit the floor! You are so creative, inspiring, and CLEVER! Hugs, Autumn

  15. Beautiful poem and artwork!!

    Hugs Giggles

  16. Gorgeous project with a very powerful message. Love the fact that you recycled the pizza box and used a strong colour palette. Thanks for joining us at Anything But Cute.

  17. Beautiful project and what a message ! Thanks for joining us at Stamps and Stencils. Sue C x

  18. A great celebration of a day we shouldn't need but do!
    Alison x

  19. Wonderful post, wonderful piece. Your passion behind the piece really shows... Those awesome bright colors fit the mood and copy perfectly.


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