vendredi 1 mai 2015

Marcher sous la pluie... (DT Our Creative Corner)

En ce premier mai point de muguet, mais une page d'Art Journal pour le challenge de Shari, sur Our Creative Corner:
April Showers bring May Flowers  
...Or so the proverb goes.  Spring comes late in my neck of the world, in the mountains of Northern Idaho.  In the month of May (with Summer just weeks away), our Spring flowers are still, usually, under a thin blanket of snow, until those Spring rains wash it all away. 
This month, the challenge is to create something, a mixed-media project, a journal page, a scrapbook page, a card or tag...Anything, that reflects the Spring rains and/or Spring flowers in your part of the world.   

Now, I'm not going to nit-pic your choices of Spring flowers, as the growing season here where I live is short and our Spring flowers don't last very long before the blooms of Summer start budding.  So, if you throw in flowers of Summer into your creation, that's OK, too. 

Bien qu'elle soit ici associée aux fleurs du printemps, je n'aime pas la pluie, alors je me console en écoutant la chanson de J.J. Goldman:
"On voudrait savoir éviter la pluie,
entre les gouttes se glisser
Deux-trois nuages et l'on court à l'abri
On n'aime pas trop se mouiller
On se dit qu'ailleurs, sous d'autres latitudes,
Le soleil est brûlant même en plein hiver.
On rêve d'Orient, de cap au sud,
De sable et de mer"
" We would like avoiding rain,
Sliding between drops.
Two, three clouds and we run under cover.
We don't like being wet.
We tell ourselves that elsewhere, under other latitudes,
The sun is burning even in winter.
We dream of  east, of heading south,
Of sand and sea."

Les couleurs sont contrastées: chaudes pour le sol, le soleil, les fleurs... tandis que le ciel est bleu sombre.
Colours are different, from warm for the ground, the sun and the flowers... though the sky is dark blue.

Le fond est fait aux Neocolor II, et de l'encre bleue est vaporisée.
The background is made with Neocolor II, and blue ink was sprayed.

Des tampons de fond sont appliqués, et le texte est imprimé sur une serviette, puis déchiré et collé au gel mat médium.
Background stamps are applied, and the text is printed on a serviette, torn and glued with matte medium gel.

La femme est découpée à la Cameo, et encrée.
The lady is cut on Cameo machine, and inked.

Les contours sont repris aux feutres Pitt.
Edges are outlined with Pitt markers.

Les gouttes de pluie sont faites avec un ice-pen.
Rain drops are made with an ice-pen.

Venez découvrir sur Our Creative Corner ce que mes talentueuses coéquipières vous ont concocté pour ce challenge, et tentez de gagner le prix de notre sponsor
Come and discover on Our Creative Corner what my talented teamies have made for this challenge, and try to win the prize of our sponsor

A bientôt!

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  1. Lys, Not only can I hear the music from the song, I do believe I can feel the rain you've created on this beautiful art journal page! I love your ice-pen rain drops! I need to get an ice-pen quickly!! :) That's such a cool effect! I had no idea!! You've shown me something new--I LOVE that!! :) Thank you, Lys for being here at the challenge this month! XOXO-Shari

  2. Hi Lys, wow the background colour is stunning and those raindrops! I love your page, I need an ice pen too! Beautiful, hugs Jan x

  3. Beautiful Lys, love the idea with rain drops and the wonderful background colours!! Hugs, Kerstin

  4. ravissante page et merci pour le pas-à-pas cela permet de démystifier la difficulté d'une jolie page ....du moins pour moi !!!

  5. Beautiful Lys!! Your colours are just amazing, so vibrant and perfectly blended!! A gorgeous page for spring! hugs :)

  6. Magnificent page of the spring rains with the beautiful song added to it! Love the ice-pen effect for the rain... Brilliant! XOXO Laurie

  7. A lovely poem (love the rythm and melody of the French version)!
    And your page does it justice so well!

    Claudia x

  8. Wonderful journalling Lys. I love that sky! Jenny x

  9. I have to admit Lys (dont tell anyone) that your project for Shari's Challenge was the one that I personally liked the most. The concept is so simple and yet so strikingly vivid, the rich hues of the colours are perfect and the little poem (albeit that I had to read the translation) is too sweet.

  10. AHHH Lys - your background is so bright and wonderful. My Neocolor II just arrived today - I can't wait to play. Your project is very encouraging to me. I hope I can make something as wonderful with them as you did. Love your girl too - it's a lovely project. j.

  11. What a stunning page, Lys - beautiful blended colours, and I love the movement created with the raindrops falling as well as those wonderful ice pen droplets. I'm now going to have to go and find out about ice pens!! Glorious!
    Alison xx


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