mardi 15 décembre 2015

Paloma chez Alison!

Bonsoir et bienvenue sur le chemin de Paloma, ma petite colombe de papier qui a pris vie et envol après les attentats de Paris le mois dernier. 

Good evening and welcome on the way of Paloma, my little paper dove who came to life and took flight after the attacks in Paris last month.

Dans son grand projet pacifique de délivrer son message tout autour du monde, elle a fait une première escale chez la merveilleuse Alison, de Words and Pictures, qui l'a tout de suite invitée. Non seulement Alison soutient et relaie ce message de paix, mais elle a aussi fait partager à Paloma son univers créatif pour un séjour fort chaleureux: rejoignez-les ici!
In her wide peaceful project to deliver her message all around the world, she made a first stopover at the wonderful Alison's, from Words and Pictures, who immediately invited her. Not only Alison supports and relays this peaceful message, but she also shared with Paloma her creative world for a very warm stay: join them here!

Merci Alison, et merci à tous pour votre soutien!
Vous pouvez apposer le logo "Je suis Paloma"  (en haut à droite de cette page) sur votre blog...
A bientôt pour une nouvelle escale!
Thanks Alison and thanks everyone for your support! Please grab the "I follow Paloma" button (on the up right sidebar) for displaying on your blog...
See you soon for a new stopover!

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  1. Alison's post is wonderful Lys, Paloma could not be in better hands for the start of her amazing journey. Although I live in England, like Alison, I would love to have Paloma visit me at some point too, this is such a beautiful idea... Hugs, Anne xx

  2. I added an "image gadget" to my blog, to link back to your posts with the label Paloma in them. (I don't have a lot of followers, though, so it probably won't generate much word of mouth back to you.)

  3. Alison put together such a great post for Paloma, I look forward to seeing how her visit with Sara Emily goes. hugs :)


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